Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lots of Little Trips

So...I have a friend in town this week to help me celebrate my birthday, and we've been taking a few little trips.

Yesterday, we visited the Marshall Gold Discovery Site State Historic Park in Coloma, CA (Sutter's Mill). While it was extremely hot, it was really interesting. Lots of old buildings, interesting information and rafters heading down the South Fork of the American River.

Oliver and Deb - We're done playing in the river for now. It sure was cold, but it felt good.

Rafters on the South Fork of the American River, looks like fun.

From Coloma, it was back on the road, heading over to Truckee and Donner State Park. Even though I live so close, I had never visited. The Lake is beautiful. 

There was a lot of construction around the Visitor Center area, so we were disappointed that we couldn't see much of the history, but the Pioneer Monument was available for viewing. 

When the construction is complete I will have to head back up to Truckee to really take in the historical aspects of the park.

Today, we went to Lake Tahoe, and had a picnic at King's Beach. The weather was amazing, sunny and warm. Sitting on the beach and playing in the lake is my idea of a great day. 

Me at Lake Tahoe

Oliver (the chicken dog) finally getting wet in the Lake, I only had to go get the ball twice as it went too deep for him.

Monday, we are heading to the High Country of Yosemite National Park. I will attempt to post some more pictures later in the week.

Keep Dreaming!

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