Sunday, September 25, 2011


Such fun, such fun, heading to Vegas for a couple of days this week for Pragmatic Marketing Training, so I'm working on getting the house cleaned up tonight, so I don't have to deal with it when I get home. I'm really not in the mood to iron and pack, much less clean house. I'm hoping to catch up with a couple of friends while I'm gone, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have. 

Saturday was crop day at Scrapbook Paradise...It was great, 12 hours of scrapbooking. I'm still working on my Christmas cards and tried something new with the snowflakes

I've changed the snowflakes by adding some cellophane to give them some depth and reflection without getting them too thick, since they have to be mailed.

I'm happy with the results, the only thing I think I'm going to change on the cards, is I'm going to purchase white shimmer paper for the top of the card to give more of a snowy feel.

I also worked on some birthday cards which turned out pretty well. The first two are more masculine for a 17 year old and one of my closest friends, I didn't want to do anything frilly for the guys. 

The last one is a simple card for my niece who is celebrating her birthday on the 5th of October.

I also worked on the Crop Chocolate recipe for the week, which was......

Who has a special child in their life with fur? Let’s dedicate a Layout or Card to our special “furbabies”! Here is this week’s recipe:
Brown or Black Cardstock
Grey or White Ribbon
A name tag (be creative)
1-3 photos of your fur baby

Of course I had to do 3, one for each fur kid....



and Luna

I wasn't very creative on Tom and Pippi's names, but I love how Luna's turned out....the phases of the moon. Each of them also has one of their favorite toys on the layout....Tom's has one of his plastic fetch toys (yes, he plays fetch), Pippi's has string....she likes to go fishing, and Luna's has one of her fuzz balls. Each layout has a pull out that I did some journaling on, including how they came to live with me, and some of the fun things I do. I also added a list of things I love about each one of them. I plan on framing these and hanging them in my craft room.

I started working on Christmas gifts on saturday, so I could get an idea of what I would need for scrapbook camp. 3 weeks and counting.  Here is a set of note cards and a note card holder, the cards still need some finishing touches, but they're getting there.

All in all, I had a good day.

We have another 12 hour crop next Saturday, to prepare for camp. I'll be cutting lots of snowflakes....hope my silhouette holds out. 

Time to finish packing now......

Keep Dreaming

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Final Days of Summer... bring the Balloon Races and other things....

I can hardly believe that fall is arriving this week. It seems like summer just began. The weather is turning cooler, (although they're predicting low 90's for mid-week here in Reno) especially in the evenings. I love leaving the windows open and letting the coolness into the condo. Days are getting shorter. At work we are prepping for G2E (Global Gaming Expo). All signs of fall. The next few weeks are going to be busy, with a couple of multi-day trips to Las Vegas (including G2E) and preparing for Scrapbook Camp.

Last weekend I spend a day scrapbooking at Tawn's house. I got some fun things accomplished. This the is Thanksgiving card I made for the Crop Chocolate Recipe Challenge #8....after I got home, I decided the turkey needed something, so I got out my stickles and gave his tail a little pizazz.

I also worked on a birthday card, it was intended for a friend's son, but I think it's a little juvenile for him, so I save it and make another card for the teenager.

I did a couple of layouts just for fun.

Sunday, I did something I would not normally do on a weekend. I got up before the crack of dawn....3:30 am and made my way to Rancho San Rafeal park for the Reno Balloon Races......It was a beautiful morning.

In honor of Sept 11th, the colors are flying high....

I had never seen so many hot air balloons in one place, while there was a ton of people, it was very relaxing.

This is my favorite picture from the hundreds I took....

Today has been devoted to working on the prototype for my Christmas cards. I know it seems early, but since I will be spending 3 days at scrapbook camp in October, I thought I'd be proactive and work on getting some ideas for my christmas cards so I can make them at camp.

Here is my design

I started with some ribbon that I liked, and built the color scheme around the ribbon. I had actually seen the design on a card kit and really liked the idea of snowflakes. I still am not happy with the snowflake cutout and tulle, but I've got a couple of weeks to work on that. The problem with the snowflake cutout is parts are thin and tear easily, also when I stickled them, they stuck to my scrap paper. I'm wondering if I use waxed paper or my craft mat if that will alleviate the sticking problem.  The bottom of the card was just done with scrap paper, but I did by corresponding cardstock to the ribbon that will be on the finished product. I found inks in my sable that works well with the ribbon. 

I also made a card for the Crop Chocolate week 9 challenge...although, I didn't use a fall theme.

I still like it.

Next week, I'm attending a crop at Scrapbook Paradise on Saturday, time for more prep for camp, and then I'll be packing for 3 days in Vegas. Maybe, I'll get to see some friends while I'm there.

Follow Your Dreams

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Everyone!

I can't believe summer is ending, it seems like it just started. I didn't get to do all the traveling I wanted this summer, and took an unexpected trip. September and October are already shaping up to be very busy months. 

Friday night, I hit the Rib Cook-Off and picked up ribs for dinner for the entire weekend....My favorites are still Bone Daddy's, but gotta say Bourbon Q has grown on me, their sauce is a little sweet, not quite enough fire though.

I celebrated the holiday by driving over to Sacramento on Saturday to visit my second favorite scrapbook store - Green favorite of course being my LSS - Scrapbook Paradise. I can usually find the newest lines previewed at GT and then I ask SP to order what I like. I spent a little too much money, but after the past couple of weeks, I needed to treat myself. The drive over the mountains was pretty and went smoothly, even through the road-construction zones. I got some ideas for my Christmas cards, so now I have to find the supplies....I think snowflakes and penguins this year.

Sunday and today, I got to work on some challenges from my favorite online shopping site, Crop Chocolate, the people who run the site are amazing, with great customer service, and the ladies on the site are so creative and help me push my own creative limits.

This weeks recipe was as follows......
Fall themed, something silver and green, a die cut piece of paper, bling and 2 pieces of ribbon.

I made a couple of cards.....How did I do?

Both cards are made with the We R Memory Keepers Autumn Splendor line and some of the ribbon and bling from my sable....

My other project for Crop Chocolate was a focus group challenge where I had to make my own embellishments, I will be posting that next weekend, as the reveal will not be until Friday, on Facebook.

My last project for the weekend, was a double page layout of my niece Kelly.....while Thursday, August 25th was a long, hard day, there were some smiles that came out of it. One was the layout I used for the focus group challenge, the second was this layout.......

The story behind this layout "I'm Not Going To Waste My Natural Cuteness".....

After a busy, hard day and getting stood up at my step-sister's home, we were all tired and hungry, so we decided to stop at the Roadhouse in Wabasso, MN for dinner. We were sitting at a table and Kelly had a freezy, she politely asked the waitress for a spoon. The waitress was thought she was so cute and should help her as a hostess for the evening, so they could make more in tips. Kelly's response to the table was "I'm not going to waste my natural cuteness on that!"
Needless to say, we all laughed and continued to laugh until Kelly in all of the wisdom of her 7 years got a little bent that we were laughing at her. Thank heavens for my iphone, so I could capture the moment. 

Well, the weekend is almost over and it's time to head back to work. I'm looking forward to next weekend and the Balloon Races (I hope I can get up early enough for Dawn Patrol), and then scrapbooking at Tanya's house. It will be a good weekend, just got to make it through the work week first.

Keep Dreaming!!!!!