Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a Week

What a week it has been. Between being sick and wildfires, I'm glad the week is done. Just wanted to remind everyone to pause and take a minute to remember the 29 families who lost their homes in this weeks wildfire in Reno. I can't believe that another huge fire destroyed so much land and so many homes almost 2 months to the day after the Caughlin Ranch fire. Reno just can't seem to get a break. Thank You to all of the firefighters and first responders who came to the rescue. While the fire stayed 8 - 10 miles from my home, I had friends and acquaintances who were much closer and either should have evacuated or were waiting to be told to evacuate, it was a very scary couple of days. 

This weekend I've been relaxing and got a little time to create a couple of cards today. I needed birthday cards for a couple of friends who are celebrating on Thursday.

This card is for a young lady who will turn 5 this week, she's celebrating at Disneyland right now, I'm so jealous.

And this card is for a male friend who is also celebrating this week.

Last week I realized I hadn't taken pictures of the pages that I did for my Dad - to celebrate his life, so here they are.....

These are pictures of my Dad and some family pictures through the years.

A second layout

Lastly, cards I received and pictures of the flowers from his service.

And last but not least some fun family pictures.....

 More family and friends

Next week, I'm off to Vegas for a couple of days for work. I've got plans to meet up with some friends for dinner on Monday and Tuesday nights. That will make the trip worthwhile.

Until next week. Dream Big!

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  1. Beautiful cards and layouts, Lisa! I especially love that masculine birthday card. Thanks so much for stopping by during the Stamp It! 3 Ways Blog Hop!