Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crazy Week

What a crazy, long, sad week it's been. After last Sunday's phone call, I knew the week was just going to go downhill, well, needless to say, it did.....I received a call from my sister on Monday morning, that my Dad had passed away at 4:30 am (CDT), for anyone interested here is the link to his obituary.

This of course began a week of craziness in my life, first on the agenda, trying to find a reasonably priced ticket to Minnesota on short notice (good luck), I did find a not so reasonably priced ticket and made arrangements to be picked up in Minneapolis for the 2.5 hour drive to Milroy. I also needed to take care of everything at work, so I could take the week off and locate pictures for the picture board that needed to be put together before the funeral on Thursday. Tuesday was a very long day....waking up at 3:30 am is not my favorite thing to do and of course I couldn't sleep on the plane. Once in Minneapolis, my sisters and I met up with an aunt and uncle for dinner, before heading for Milroy.

Wednesday was the day set aside for getting the picture boards created, before heading to my stepmom's house to do that, I set up my sister's scanner/printer (since I'm the geek of the family, they wait for me) and scanned old photos and transferred all her pictures from her old PC to the new PC.

Thursday was a long day all the way around, between the funeral service and spending time (dealing) with family, I was very glad when it was over.

Friday was a little more relaxing and ended with a family cookout (sisters, husband and kids), while I packed to leave on Saturday.

Yesterday was another long day of driving and flights (first from Mpls to Chicago, then Chicago to Reno), needless to say I'm glad to be home. Hopefully, I can recover from all of this craziness this week and get back on track with everything. Next weekend is a 3-day weekend for Labor Day, so I'm hoping to head to Sacramento for some shopping and do some crafting.

Before I close, I just want to say that I'm very thankful for my sisters, stepmom and wonderful step-sister Debbie, who took care of so many arrangements this past week. She has been a god-send during this time.

Just to leave you with some family pictures......

Lisa, Patrice and Destiny (my niece)

The Jemming kids (Brian Jemming, Monica Boisner, Lisa, Pat Pape and Trudy Nephew (missing Mark(RIP), Nancy and Anita)

Some of Bill's grandkids - Zach, Jake, Tylee, Kelly and Samantha (missing Teresa, Andy and Destiny)

Jake, Samantha and Trudy

Zach, Bruce, Tylee, Pat and Kelly 

Most of the family (Jemming) - Doug, Zach, Jake, Bruce, Trudy, Samantha, Tylee, Pat, Lisa and Kelly

The beautiful flowers that my step-niece Christa (Debbie's daughter) did for the funeral. 

Hopefully, the next week will be devoid of any drama (I can't take much more). Until next time......
Dance like nobody's watching....Live for tomorrow's an uncertainty.


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