Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally Summer!

Wow, I can't believe the weather is finally nice. It seems like we had no spring in Reno this year, we went from rainy wet, yucky weather last weekend to beautiful warm, open window weather this past week and weekend. I'm loving it.

Unfortunately, the rain last Sunday caused the newly repaired ceiling in my kitchen to leak again (the roofers never fixed the roof like they said), so I'll need to take another day off when the roof is finally repaired to have the kitchen ceiling an wall re-textured and re-painted, such fun.

Yesterday was a great day, I went to the Sacramento Zoo with a group of friends. It was a wonderful, warm day and we had a good time. For me, the best part (aside from being with friends) was the new giraffe encounter. While I didn't feed the giraffe's myself, I did take pictures of my friends daughter feeding the giraffe. It is so amazing to be so close to the animals.

This is Valentine - one of the giraffes.

Today, I've been busy with all of the chores that didn't get done while I was out of town yesterday. I also needed to get a Father's Day card made for my Dad. Here it is, very simple, but I kind of like it.

The sadness for me, is my Dad, who has Alzheimer's, will not realize it's Father's Day, or that I'm his daughter. But, I'll know.

Started planning the rest of the summer this weekend. Friends coming to visit in July, and then I may go to Portland, Oregon for a long weekend in August. Something new to be excited about.

Thinking I may go sit by the pool with a book for an hour or so, as the weather is so gorgeous.

Remember, when you dream, dream big as the ocean blue. When you dream it might come true.......

Have a great week.

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